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Last updated: April 2021

1. Arlogenix (Pty) Ltd

Thank you for your interest in our platform. Before you dive into the exciting features and content we offer, it is important that you familiarise yourself with our Terms and Conditions (T&Cs). These guidelines outline the rules, responsibilities and expectations that govern your use of our website. By accessing and using our platform, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Please take a moment to read this document carefully, as it forms the basis of the legal agreement between you and Arlogenix PTY. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our dedicated support team. Thank you for being part of our online community!

2. Booking

All bookings are subject to these terms of use and the booking conditions of the respective provider.

We act as an agent for Suppliers, accepting bookings and collecting payments on their behalf. Each booking represents a direct agreement between you and the provider for the service component.

Your booking request is considered an offer based on these terms and conditions and the respective booking conditions.

Booking information submitted will be processed as stated. You should notify us immediately of any errors or changes.

You will receive a full booking confirmation by email or WhatsApp, which you should keep.

Online Transport is not responsible for the quality of service provided by our suppliers.

Prices, availability and descriptions of service components are subject to change without notice. Additional conditions may apply to special offers.

Travel costs vary; we reserve the right to pass on surcharges to cover increased transport costs.

Air fares are subject to airline offers and conditions; we cannot guarantee them.

The prices for the service components include VAT, but not other taxes and duties, which may be charged separately.

IATA requires that we share your contact information with the airlines to keep them informed during the flight booking process.

3. Payment

To confirm your booking, please enter the details of your payment account.

By submitting your booking request, you authorise us to debit the corresponding amounts for the service components from your specified account. If payment is not made, this may result in the booking being cancelled.

Please ensure that you are authorised to make payments from the specified account and we will provide you with an itinerary, booking reference number and other electronic travel documents upon confirmation.

Provide the supplier with your credit card, valid photo ID, booking reference number and relevant travel documents. The supplier may request proof of booking.

Ask to see the travel documents when you purchase the tickets and report any discrepancies immediately.

Online Transport offers secure card payments, electronic bank transfers, cash payments and various payment options.

In the event of payment problems during finalisation (e.g. supplier updates, simultaneous transactions), we can inform you of additional payments, offer alternatives or provide a full refund.

4. General Condition And Use

This agreement is governed by South African law, with consent to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate's Court. This is the only agreement between you and Arlogenix PTY; you are contracted independently of the suppliers.

You will be liable for legal fees if Arlogenix PTY engages an attorney to enforce its rights.

Arlogenix assumes no liability for the acts, errors or omissions of suppliers and is not responsible for circumstances beyond its control.

We endeavour to protect sensitive payment information, but there is no 100% guarantee of security.

Use of any Service Component may involve risk; use at your own risk.

The resale of booked packages or service components is strictly prohibited.

We endeavour to provide accurate information about the providers but accept no liability for omissions or inaccuracies.

We are not liable for indirect, special or consequential damages, unless required by law.

Insurance for cancellation, illness, accident or injury is strongly recommended.

Ensure passports, visas, immunisations and travel requirements are in order; exit taxes may apply.

Ensure that the facilities cater for medical needs/disabilities; make appropriate arrangements with the supplier.

Personal information may be used for transactions, billing and advertising; unsubscribe by emailing info@onlinetransport.co.za.

Parents must provide an unabridged birth certificate for children travelling to or from South Africa.

The latest entry requirements can be found at http://www.dha.gov.za/index.php/civic-services/birth-certificates.

5. Changes, Cancellation And Refund

We at Arlogenix PTY act as an intermediary facilitating the sale of travel tickets on behalf of various transport service providers. Each provider may have its own refund policy and if a customer requests a refund, the process will be handled according to the policy of the respective provider.

Please note that refund procedures, time limits and eligibility requirements may vary depending on the terms and conditions of the specific transport provider for the ticket purchased. We endeavour to assist our customers with these procedures and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

If changes are possible, we will do our best to re-quote you. Cancellations prior to departure will incur penalties as per the supplier's policy and an administration fee from Online Transport. Refunds, if applicable, will be paid by Online Transport.

Refunds may take up to 3 weeks. In the event of hospitalisation or death, cancellation fees will be waived with appropriate proof.

Cancellation fees will not be refunded for no-shows. Be punctual.


Contact Online Transport by email or WhatsApp for cancellations. Penalties apply: up to 48 hours - 25%, up to 24 hours - 50%, less than 24 hours - no refund.


Use the app for changes. An administration fee of R50 will be charged for changes to the name, date or route. Fare differences will be charged separately.


All refunds are in the form of vouchers or wallets, which are valid for 12 months and can take up to 7 working days to issue.

6. Location And Currency

Arlogenix PTY operates out of South Africa and all transactions processed through our platform are settled in the South African currency (ZAR). This ensures a clear and standardised payment system for our customers. Please note that all transactions, including ticket purchases and related payments, are processed in South African Rand.

If you have any questions or problems in connection with payment, our customer support team is at your disposal. We thank you for your understanding of our transaction policy and your commitment to a straightforward and transparent payment process.

7. Disclaimer

At Arlogenix PTY, we endeavour to provide accurate and real-time information about the current location of transport services on our platform. However, it is important that users understand that the location information displayed is not always completely accurate due to various external variables beyond our control. Therefore, we have introduced the following disclaimer:

External Variables:

The accuracy of the displayed location of transport services is subject to external variables such as GPS signal availability, network connectivity and other technical limitations.
Dynamic nature of transport:

The real-time location of a transport vehicle is affected by dynamic factors such as traffic conditions, route changes and unforeseen operational adjustments by the transport service provider.
Information delays:

There may be delays in data transmission or updates, which affects the real-time nature of the location information displayed.
Interference and signalling problems:

Environmental factors, signal interference or device-related issues may affect the accuracy of location data.
No guarantee of accuracy:

While we endeavour to provide accurate location information, we do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the data displayed.
By using our platform, users acknowledge and accept that the location information is provided as a general estimate and does not always reflect the exact real-time position of the transport service. Arlogenix PTY disclaims any liability for the accuracy of this information and encourages users to consider the dynamics of the transport industry when using the location information provided.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the location information, please contact our customer service team at info@onlinetransport.co.za. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation regarding this disclaimer.

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