For Transport Users & Commuters

Imagine being able to plan and pay for all your public transport needs from your mobile phone

You need reliable, up-to-date information for all modes of transport to plan your journeys. Our Online Transport app will give you all this, and more, via your mobile phone, for the trains, buses, minibus, and other taxis and even air. Our aim is to make your journeys easier to plan, faster, cheaper, and safer.

Online Transport understands your needs and concerns. These include: unpredictable public transport services; access difficulties, especially in remote areas; safety concerns; complex and varied pricing; and the lack of a feedback system on company performance and other vital factors.

We will use


Live Location

Price Data

From all the major transport companies to offer you

Accurate journey departure and arrival times
Route, schedule, and timetable information
Notification of departure times, delays, cancellations, and even safety reports, direct to your mobile phone
Electronic ticketing by a single payment – whether digital wallet, EFT, credit card, or debit card
Individual pricing for general user, student, pensioner, or retiree
Discounts, rewards schemes, and special price deals
A personal travel diary for each trip
The ability to share tickets and your location with family, friends, and business users
Improved travel safety